Reclaimed Archery LLC was started by 2 friends, Jim Baird and Lewis Clanton Jr.

“We started the company because we saw a need for fellow archers to connect with each other, and have an easy and affordable way to buy and sell their new or used archery and hunting equipment.” is an internet based marketplace for archers and bow hunters everywhere to buy or sell archery or hunting related equipment. The company was formed in 2013, and  is based in sunny Vero Beach, Florida.

The company’s objective is to promote the sport of archery and bow hunting by connecting ‘beginners’ to ‘expert’ archers with quality archery products.

    “With more than 55 years of competitive archery experience and over 75 years of hunting experience between us, we know that everyone who has taken up this sport probably has at least some equipment in the cupboard or garage that they would like to sell.

    We also know that most archers would like to upgrade to something better but we also know the importance of upgrading within a personal budget.

   This is why we set up the ‘Reclaimed Archery’ market place. So you can sell some of your equipment and use the cash from that to finance your upgrades. It is our pleasure to provide an easy and affordable service to the entire archery community.

Our Mission is to connect buyers and sellers of archery and hunting related equipment.

‘Take your bow and a quiver full of arrows, and go out into the open country to hunt some wild game for me.’
Genesis 27:3

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Meet the Team:-    

Lewis M Clanton Jr

Lewis is 43 years old, has been married for 17 years and is  father of 2 biological sons and 1 adopted son.

He has served 24 years as a St Lucie County Firefighter. He has been the owner/operator of a hunting and fishing guide service for 17 years.

He is an avid archery enthusiast with 30 years of competitive archery experience. You will find him and his boys at most of the national archery events.

40 years of hunting experience.

Jim Baird

Jim is 54 years old,  he is married and father of 3.

He has been a successful small business owner for 30 years.

He has 25 years of competitive archery experience and he and his boys are also to be found at many of the national archery events.

He has been an avid hunter since being in diapers.

Committed to God, Family & Friends.

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